Hostinger vs Milesweb 2021. Which one is better?

Hostinger and Milesweb are the most famous cheap-hosting providers in the world. In this tutorial, we will compare both of these in terms of Price, Performance, Reviews, and Quality of Customer Support.


Hostinger is a Web Hosting company, which operates in 40+ countries. It offers Shared Hosting, VPS, Hosting, and Managed WordPress Hosting. It has data centers in 7 different countries.

Hostinger vs Milesweb


Milesweb is a India based Hosting Company. It offers Shared, Cloud, VPS, Reseller Hosting solutions.. It has data centers in India, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, and Australia.

Hostinger vs Milesweb Basic comparison:

Hostinger Milesweb
Free DomainYes(only in premium plans)Yes
Cheapest Plan$1.3 / month
79 / month
$0.5 / month
40 / month
SSD storage30GB1GB
Free SSLYesYes
No. of visitors~10000 Visits MonthlyUnlimited
30-day Money BackYesYes
Buy NowBuy Now

Performance Comparison:

Both Hostinger and Milesweb promise 99% uptime. However, in our tests Hostinger outperformed Milesweb in terms of Website Loading Speed and Uptime. This shouldn’t be a very big deal, considering the price difference between Hostinger and Milesweb. You get what you pay for.

Milesweb is quite cheaper than Hostinger, which should explain why it’s a bit slow in performance.

Ease of Use:

Both Hostinger and Milesweb offer one-click installation of many famous scripts, like: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. They have easy to use Control Panel and 24×7 dedicated support.

Both these platforms also offer drag and drop website builder to create websites easily in minutes, without any coding knowledge.

In terms of Ease of use, there is no clear winner, both these Hosting Providers are working constantly to improve the user experience and ease of use as much as possible.

Quality of Customer Support:


Hostinger offers 24x7x365 dedicated chat support to all its customers. They have physical offices in more than 40 countries (including India). Their support staff is quite professional and experienced.

Users can start a chat with a support agent directly or open a ticket online, their usual response time is few minutes.

Hostinger offers customer support in many different languages – like Portuguese, Spanish, and Hindi.


Milesweb offers email, Chat, Ticket, and Phone support to all of its customers. Considering its pricing, this is a huge plus. Not many Hosting Companies offer that many support options. However, their response time can be a bit high sometimes.

As Milesweb is based in India, users can also get support in Hindi language.

Also, Milesweb has a lot of video tutorials to help users if they face any problem.

Feature Comparison:


Hostinger offers automatic weekly backups, in all its plans. It also has Lightspeed servers, which are required if you want to implement Lightspeed Cache (LScache) functionality on your website.

All Hostinger plans include 30 day money back gurantee with 24/7 support.

In addition, if you are on Hostinger’s premium plan, you will get SSH access.

Now, if you are a developer who works with self-managed VPS, you may already know what SSH is. SSH is really useful if you want to tweak things inside your server. With SSH access, you have total control over your web server, you can install any script easily (even the ones not included in Hostingers 1-click installer).

All Hostinger plans also include seamless Git integration to easily create repositories of your website, edit and push changes, create branches.

hostinger price


Milesweb doesn’t include free automatic backups like Hostinger, but it allows you to take backups manually from within its Dashboard. However, if you want automatic backups, you subscribe to the Automatic Backups plan at additional cost.

Just like Hostinger, Milesweb also offers SSH Access & Git Integration in its Swift plan.

Milesweb’s basic plan offers Unlimited Bandwidth, whereas Hostinger only offers 100GB bandwidth in its basic plan.

milesweb features


  • 1-click app install (wordpress, joomla, etc.)
  • Free drag and drop website builder
  • Free email Account
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • SSH Access (in Premium plan)
  • phpMyAdmin


  • 1-click app install
  • Free Backups
  • Free website builder
  • Litespeed servers
  • phpMyAdmin
  • SSH Access (in Swift plan)

Which one you should choose?

As we can see, both Hostinger and Milesweb have their own ups and downs. While Hostinger offers more features and performance, Milesweb has less price. So, choosing a hosting provider purely depends on your usage.

If you have a website that requires high performance (for example: a web app), you should go with Hostinger. But if you have a website with moderate traffic, Milesweb will work fine for you.

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