My First Blog Post

So, here I am writing my first blog post, inspired by many other blogs out there.

I was always passionate towards blogging. I always wanted to start a blog and now in June 2020, I finally did it.

In this blog I’ll try my best to cover as much information as I could about how an Individual can let go of 9 to 5 routine and become self-employed. So, this blog is mainly aimed towards those who want to start a career in blogging and want to learn about all the stacks used in it.

Majority of this blog posts will be related to Blogging (WordPress, SEO, AdSense etc.) because that’s what I love, (and I am a Web Developer), so that’s what I am learning from past few years.

So, I am new to blogging and these stuff. Then How am I going to post information about all these?

Well Technically I am not new to these stuff. To explain this let me first introduce myself and my past.

So, I am an Engineer by education with Computer Science background. My major is Web Development, I am a php Web Developer. I was learning these terms since all these years and I still am (learning never stops). I used to build websites from scratch and also with WordPress. I was also a freelance writer till now, So now I am trying to combine my these 2 skills and start a blog about WordPress, SEO, AdSense, Affiliate and other related stuff.

Yes, This might be my first blog but I am already fairly familiar with all the stacks used with blogging from my Web Development career.

This blog really appreciates comments and feedbacks from it’s readers but however all the negative, hateful or spam comments will be blocked or never be approved. To contact you can drop an email at: [email protected].

SO, having said that. Now, why did I named this blog “Cliche Millennials”, yes, that’s the question even I ask myself sometimes, Trust me.

  • So, The First reason why I named this blog as “Cliche Millennials” is because I liked it very much, I don’t know why.
  • The Second reason is because I wanted something unique (like really unique). So, I used my own Imagination instead of searching online, and I have Quite an Imagination (pun intended).

Anyways I am really happy with this blog and it’s name. I hope you like this blog too.

Blogging was always my dream but now as I am already writing this post, it’s no more a dream. It’s my Passion now. Now, I try to spend most of my time here.

You can always read About section if you want to read more about this Blog or me.

See you in the Next Post.

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