What is Event Blogging? How to earn money from it?

Have you ever heard about the term Event Blogging and do you know that how it can be a boon for your blog.

Just keep reading, because in this article I am going to tell you everything you need to know about Event Blogging and how you can earn money from it.

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  1. What is Event Blogging?
  2. Benefits of Even Blogging.
  3. How to make money from Event Blogging?
  4. Choosing the right domain name?

The most common misconception among newbie bloggers is that they need a separate blog for Event Blogging.

Well, that’s not the case. You can use your existing blog and be an Event Blogger.

Also, If you use your existing blog for Event Blogging, it becomes easier to monetize, as you already have some potential visitors, so you don’t need to start from the scratch.

However, If you choose to start a separate blog, dedicated to Event Blogging, then there are few things to keep in mind. I’ll explain that in detail about How to create a new blog for Event Blogging.

So, before we dive deeper, first you should understand the meaning of Event Blogging.

What is Event Blogging?

Event Blogging is a practice used by many bloggers to boost traffic on their blog for a short period, which in turn earns them a large revenue.

In this Practice you have to target any upcoming event and write a Blog post about it. And this blog post can get you a large number of traffic and revenue in very short period of time.

The event you choose can be anything like a Festival, any trending Topic, or basically anything which is currently in high demand and can gain you visitors.

Benefits of Event Blogging:

The major benefit of event blogging is that it can help in increasing your Search Engine ranking too.

Google determines search engine rank based on quality and originality of the content. It also keeps a check on how unique or different your content is.

The more unique a content is the higher it ranks on Google.

For instance, If you are the first one to post about any upcoming event, then there are very high chances that your content will get indexed in Google’s top results. Because Google always prioritize new content on the web.

So, your content will be considered as Fresh/Original/unique and will be displayed in the top search results instantly, followed by all other contents which came after.

One another major benefit of Event Blogging is that it gives your blog exposure and help you get recognized by a large audience out there. I’ll explain this more in further steps.

How to make money from Event Blogging?

Many bloggers use Event Blogging to earn high revenue by the means of Promotional Articles, Affiliate and Advertisement.

To understand this more: Let’s say, You have a Programming Blog and you are choosing the event Halloween for Event Blogging.

Now, to monetize your blog during Halloween event you can write Articles, post Advertisements / Affiliates, do paid reviews – all related to the event Halloween.

In simpler words, You can monetize your blog during Halloween event by:

  • Writing articles related to Halloween, like:
    • Best Programming languages to learn this Halloween.
    • Best programming websites to visit this Halloween, etc.
  • Using Affiliate links on your blog which includes the keyword Halloween, like:
    • Best udemy courses to buy this Halloween.
    • Best programming laptops to check out this Halloween.
  • Posting other Advertisements related to Halloween.

Now, how these Promotions will give you higher revenue than usual?

It’s really simple, During Halloween event, the users who are in buying mood will definitely search on Google for various Deals and Offers.

And if your website appears on top Google results, they are most likely to click on your website and buy a product using your Affiliate link. Hence, earning you a commission.

While this may sound amazing at first but it also have it’s own downsides.

One of the major downsides of Event Blogging is that it gives you a traffic boost only once in a year (just few days before and after the event) and that too if your content is in top google results.

Most of the visitors who have a buying intent only clicks on the websites which are on top of the Google.

Here are few tips you can use to drive more traffic towards your blog:

  1. Improve your On-Page SEO
  2. Do keyword research before you post your content
  3. Try to focus your blog post on the targeted keyword
  4. Try to be the first one to publish your content during the Event

Also, while choosing an event for Event Blogging, try to stick to one event only, don’t choose too many events. Otherwise your blog may look like an Advertisement website. And it can also make your readers lose interest in your blog.

Other monetization methods:

While Event Blogging will give you an income boost only once in a year (whenever the event arrives), you can use other monetization methods to keep a constant income flow for rest of the months.

These are some income methods that most bloggers use:

  1. Ad Networks:
    • Google AdSense
    • Propeller Ads
    • Media.net
  2. Sponsored Ads.
  3. Native Advertisements.
  4. Sponsored Reviews.

Choosing the right Domain name:

Now, If you don’t already have a Blog and want to create one just for Event Blogging, then you might want to choose a right domain for it.

While choosing the right domain for your blog, first you should specify your Targeted Audience.

For Example: If you’re living in India and are targeting the event Diwali (an Indian festival) for your Event Blog, then the majority of your targeted audience will be from India. In this case you should choose your country specific domain (with .in extension) – www.example.in.

Here are 2 benefits of choosing country specific domain:

  1. It filters unwanted Traffic:
    In your case, you’re a blogger – blogging from India on the event Diwali. Now if your blog has a domain with .com extension, there are slight chances that visitor from America might see your site in Search results and clicks on it.
    Now that reader doesn’t know much about the event Diwali and is probably not interested in it, so that reader will be considered as unwanted or unnecessary Traffic because he’s not benefitting your blog in any way.

    The major disadvantage of unnecessary traffic is it wastes your bandwidth, especially if you’re on a Shared Hosting. So by using a domain with country extension (.in) you can target more country specific and converting traffic on your blog.
  2. Lowers the competition:
    Another cool benefit of using country specific domain is that it lowers the competition, as you will only be competing with the websites of that targeted country who are targeting that particular event. Hence, chances of ranking higher on Google are more.

And these rules apply to any country you’re blogging from.

Having said that, Now before you start blogging on the next upcoming event, first you need to create a blog if you haven’t already.

Read this guide on: How to start a Blog?

If you have any queries on Event Blogging, feel free to ask in the comments area.

And, do tell me in the comments about your experience with Event Blogging.

See you in the next post,
Happy Blogging.

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