How to host multiple WordPress sites on one single Linode?

So, if you are using Linode to host your WordPress sites, you might be wondering about hosting Multiple sites on one single Linode – to use the server resources effectively.

Creating a different Linode for each website can be quite costly.

multiple wordpress one single Linode

So, here I’ll show you an easy way to host multiple websites on a single Linode in just a few steps.

This will be the probably easiest thing you’ll ever learn in your life.

First, Lets’ Create a Linode.

Step 1 – Creating a Linode

If you’ve already created a Linode, then you can skip this step and move to Step 2.

  1. Go to your Linode Dashboard, and click on Create Linode.
  2. Choose an Image, In this case we’ll be choosing Ubuntu.
  3. Choose a region where you want to host your website, and Choose Linode plan (we’ll go with 5$ plan, because its enough to host few WordPress sites with moderate traffic).
  4. Now create a Root Password and keep it safe, you will need it to enter your created Linode.
  5. Click Create Linode.
linode dashboard

Once your Linode has been created, you’ll be able to see it in your Linode Dashboard along with its IP address.

Step 2 – Installing EasyEngine

EasyEngine is a tool that will allow you to host multiple WordPress sites on one Linode.

To install EasyEngine, first SSH into your linode by pasting the below command in terminal:

ssh [email protected]_ip_address

Enter your Root Password to start SSH session.

Now, once you are inside your Linode, paste this below command in terminal to install EasyEngine:

wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

EasyEngine will take few minutes to finish installation.

Step 3 – Installing WordPress

Once EasyEngine is installed, paste the below command to create a WordPress website along with free Letsencrypt SSL certificate.

Note: Remember to point your domain name to your Linode’s IP address before entering the below command.

sudo ee site create --wp --letsencrypt

Wait for a couple minutes and you will be presented with your WP login credentials.

easyengine wordpress

You can visit to log into your WordPress dashboard.

Now, you can repeat Step 3 multiple times to create multiple WordPress websites on a single Linode. And your every WordPress site will be completely separate from each other (thanks to EasyEngine).

If you ever want to delete a site from your Linode, just paste the below command:

sudo ee site delete

To read complete EasyEngine documentation, head over here.

EasyEngine also has a support community to help you with your issues.

Now that wasn’t hard, was it? Leave a comment below about how this worked for you.

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